Monday, April 2, 2007


tujhe kaise khabar na hoo saki......badi door tak ye khabar gayi....tere hii shahar kii shayera.....tere intzaar mein mar gayi

PS: this post aint written by me


Chakrapani said...

this is a general suggestion to all of you for this blog:
go to and download hindi-devnagari fonts includes other languages as marathi, gujrati, bengali and south indian languages..
typing using baraha is not at all difficult. you type it the way you pronounce it. for example, to type दरवाज़ा, you type da - ra - vaa - zaa
considering the nature of your blog, i thought this will be more useful and readable than to type it in english :)
all the best!

Chakrapani said...

another usefule link for you ppl:

its an urdu dictionary...just to make sure u use right words before you actually write them to compose a nazm! :)

Rakesh Yadav said...

hehe yeah toh hadd ho gayi ! I didn't know we had a fan :)
anyways who cares about dictionary and all yaar ... we are definitely not pro and this is just for fun ! :)
But yes appreciate the concern! Its good to know that other people are interested :D

Rashmi said...

ohhh thk.....its so gald to see how many pipol r actaullly liking these thngs by we 3 certainly gives an egde to do more n more....ha if m here for thanksgiving ceremony......